What sex toys should you try?

With the vast amounts of sex toys currently out on the market, it comes to no surprise that many couples are having a hard time deciding which toys they should include in their sex lives. This, of course, can be a bigger issue, as the wrong toy would end up doing more harm than good and could ruin a couple’s sex experience, so here is a guide of which toys every couple should try at least once.

After the first vibrator was created in 1883, the world of sex and sex toys has developed into a multi-billion dollar industry, for the first time in history sex is not being viewed as taboo and rather as an intimate act of love or for some people a normality in their daily relationships.

Thanks to this we no longer just have the vibrator, but we also have dildos, props, plugs, and the best penis strokers online. I cannot even to begin to explain the volume of toys out on the market at the moment, however, let’s just say that you get toys to go in and on places and toys which you can use solo and some designed to make the experience of both lovers better, so without further hesitance here are the best sex toys you should try.

Sex Dice

Starting things off we have what many people would consider a novelty, and that is what they should be, a good and fun way to spice up foreplay, the idea behind the sex dice is to allow couples to roll the dice and see where they have to kill or suck, it turns foreplay into a game where everyone can have childish fun. It also acts as an awesome icebreaker between new sex partners.

Couples Vibrators

There are a number of Vibrators on the market is crazy, so if you are looking at spicing your relationship up, you should have no problem finding a vibrator that works for you and your sex partner. The main reason why you would make use of a vibrator is to add extra pleasure to your sex life. Don’t be worried about having to find a vibrator for same-sex relationships as many sex toy companies make sure that they have both same-sex and male and female toys available to the general public.

The Hitachi Magic Wand

This item needs no introduction, it is possibly the most recognizable sex toy on the market, and if you show a picture to anybody they will know exactly what you are talking about. The magic wand is a must have for anybody looking at getting a sex toy and is an excellent toy for both solo and couples sex.


Lastly, the one thing you will always need is lube. You can get lube in either water based or silicone based lube and is an awesome way to make sure no one gets hurt during sex. The last thing you want while trying a new toy is friction burn, it’s just not fun at all.