There are continually a variety of undependable and variable stats sprayed around relating to the amount of adult males who shell out money for the sexual favours of females. And about the amount of girls who are explicitly professional prostitutes (escorts, whores, hookers, call girls, courtesans, paid for companions, putas, which ever name you prefer to use; that is simply semantics.) In most states they are significantly unreliable and built on hysterically tiny samplings, or come from opinionated origins with an ax to grind or a fund-raising alms dish to shake.

Not actually all, by the way. You would be surprised at the number of the girls that you now see in the news, tabloid newspapers and the gossip magazines have often-times had earlier interludes as courtesans, or still definitely work (rather discretely) as courtesans, although ordinarily at the extremely high end of the niche. Most certainly I understand for a fact that of the best high class escorts London has to supply at the current time is also the partner of a very popular writer. And a couple of the greatest escorts London has ever witnessed are mixed up with a high profile politician and a famous journalist.

There is an enlarging area of study into the subject matter of “erotic capital” and the way that ladies do (in the present tense), have (for all of ethnologic past) and will continue to (as long as males want easy access to sexuality and agree to exchange value in return for it) exchange their appeal, regard and passionate perks for money. That may be by means of influence, handouts or the straightforward exchange of cash in hand. But as long as lovely ladies have something that people can not get sufficient of, they are going to be approached with prize for it.

Perhaps surprisingly, they are commonly sneered at by girls who work as Ibiza escorts or the like. In the view of those females they are merely hypocrites, particularly as the “professional girlfriend” is commonly hugely deceitful about what they are engaging in and caustic about openly professional working girls.

So how many people are involved in the trading of sexuality? The real answer might possibly stun you and your point of view of the community in pronounced methods.

Anywhere you are, there are usually numerous gorgeous and hot girls who more than happy to hang around, and make the beast with two backs with, dudes that they do not seriously find physically exciting, but whose funds makes them stimulating. They are maintained with wonderful presents; shoes, deluxe handbags and travel luggage, great selections of fashion designer label garments, top of the line cars, highly-priced exotic travel and holiday breaks, excellent eateries and VIP at any the nightclubs. Basically, these are actually the chicks who would never think of themselves as whore. But they have little or no additional earnings than that supplied by their “gentlemen friends”. In essence, they bonk for meals.

As far as I know, there are basically no numbers on the number of males and females engaged in the purchase and provision of semi-professional whores. The sort of trade where guys come to date young ladies that would normally be out of their grade in terms of beauty, but where finances and presents make up the difference.