3 Celebrities that’ve never changed their hairstyles

Forever young and beautiful Hollywood stars with timeless looks

Fashion constantly changes, new trends appear every single day. Something is left far behind, some trends turn to be timeless classic, but nothing stands still. Hollywood stars, being a public people, always try to follow the vogue and stay stylish. Image and appearance experiments is a must for them, that is why we are no longer surprised by someone’s suddenly rose or navy hair color or extremely short haircut. However, there are a few celebrities, that look the same through decades and make professionals at fashion hair salons wander. It seems that they have discovered youth elixir. If you are looking for an inspiration in this life, check out our top 3 celebrities that have never changed their hairstyles.

Kate Winslet

A famous actress that became popular after Titanic released on the screens. She conquered everybody`s hearts in those times, playing a role of tender and charming Rose. In real life Kate embraced one and the same hairstyle for almost fifteen years. Medium hair, blonde waves and center parting here is a unchanging look Winslet never betrays.

Ellen Degeneres

This woman always had an excellent sense of humor and pixie hairstyle! Yes, Ellen wears her extremely short hairstyle for about twenty years and not going to change it. Her blonde pixie with gentle highlights has already become an unofficial symbol of a wonderful evenings and qualitative jokes. Here is everybody`s favorite funny woman and her signature haircut.

 Whoopi Goldberg

She was one of the first women who tried braids and twists in early 80s. Woopi`s naturally kinky hair look extraordinary and draw everybody’s attention and kept it for years. Now, she is still wearing her unfailing shoulder length locks that make her look forever young and incredibly beautiful.  Three decades past, but nothing changes, here is what stability means.

If you want to look classic and elegant, you can try one of these looks. Changing your haircut is always a good thing, but if you have already found your perfection, what is this for? Choosing a hairstyle is like flinging a husband, if you have found the one, you should stop searching.